What’s Bad About London


At what point does Pounds Sterling no longer become valid currency in the UK ? Last year in Newcastle we didn’t have a single problem shifting our hard earned cash

Exactly how far south do you need to go before they won’t accept it ? Tesco of all places said they couldn’t accept it. Tussauds, despite taking euros and dollars, had to face a rant before they’d take it.

It got very frustrating


bob says:
Scottish money isnt legal tender. Well some of it is but I cant remember what. Its up to the person accepting it wether they do or not because its all based on the fact that the bank of england covers the money.

bob says:

clareybear says:
I called Tesco to complain and the girl in Customer Service told me that its absolute pishflaps, they should accept it as it is British Sterling!

laura says:
As long as money has Pounds Sterling written on it then it is legal tender in the uk. In disney we had to accept irish bank notes as well because they said pounds sterling on it. You should've kicked their heads in.

bob says:
Laura - read the note from the scottish parliment in my first comment. scottish notes arent legal tender in england and english notes arent technically legal tender in Scotland. If it says sterling on it they should accept it though but some wont.

laura says:
Sorry bob. i forgot you were the leading authority of legal tender in the uk (joke!) If we're going to get technical tho, scottish bank notes are TECHNICALLY not legal tender in scotland either (just a wee interesting point i read), can't be bothered explaining why tho. bob -you'll probably know (another joke!) BUT they really should've taken your money tho as it said pounds sterling on it. It's pretty crappy to do that to you. Damn londoners!

bob says:
yup..says that in the SP doc I posted teh link to as well At the end of the day if someone isnt convinced they can tell if its a forgery or not then they can decline to accept the money. It is a bit shit but theres not much more you can do other than complain about it which might make companies think about training thier staff correctly. I've got no idea what irish money looks like and if it was to come down to my boss giving me a warning for accepting counterfeit cash because I havent a clue what the notes should look like then I'll go with not accepting them in the first place.