Whats Good About London

Just back from london !

Was mostly a good weekend. The Ramada hotel was just on the edge of kensington gardens, puting us just at the perfect place on the tube line to get about.

Speaking of the tube, it’s really a wonderful system. Really beats the arse off the public transport that you get up here. Shopping was soooooo busy ! We went to Hamleys, the massive toy store. I was like a kid in – well – a toy store. I’ve never seen so much lego.

It’s such a mixed culture place, with loads of tourists, and residents, from all walks of life. The mixing bowl of people means that wherever you go you can find loads of good places to eat.


bob says:
Never actually managed to find many places to eat in London that havent been the BK beside Victoria Street Station.Theres a nice chinese buffet (all you can eat for £5 (or £7 of you include duck)) not far from there and theres a lovely wee italian restaurant I know in Soho thats great for eating outside during the summer.Other than that im stumped. Where I usually end up staying (Victoria) isnt exactly the best place to find reasonably priced food after the shops shut. In fact the last place i was in I could have thrown a stone from my window and hit buck palace and could trip over really expensive food places every second step but if I wanted a kebab I'd have to go find one of the shows or the station and get one from there many fast food places there.London is very multicultural, especially compared to Glasgow or EK, but theres just something that doesnt fit with me for some reason. I think its the increased numebr of police over the years.

stoo says:
was there more police because they thought you were going to throw stones at the queen?