Wil Wheaton @ PAX Boston 2010

I’ve been reading LOTS of Wil Wheaton lately, starting from the aforementioned DnD podcasts I’ve since ordered his books and am feverously working my way through them. I have come to a??conclusion.

I was wrong about Wil Wheaton. Like many of my fellow geeks who remember that annoying kid from ST:TNG, I allowed some awfully stereotypical teenage scriptwriting of a character to colour my impression of the actor. From reading the books we can tell that Wil has had a hard time as an actor, but throughout it all has maintained steadfast geek cred.

I’ve listened to his PAX speech on youtube as I’ve been working today (hey guys can multi-task too) and he’s really hit home some great points about growing up a geek, and how that has set us up well in our relationships for today.

So, for your viewing pleasure, please find the speech all you-tubey linked below.