Winter Wonderland

20 Days to Christmas !

So Scotland has recently been gripped by the icy fist of winter. People have been stranded at home, business left unable to operate, supermarkets running low on supplies. On the other hand, it didn’t seem that bad here. Despite several feet of snow the roads round here remained clear enough that I didn’t have any troubles getting out to work. However, now that the snow snow begins to clear and we’re left with roads of ice, perhaps this is when the real hazards occur.

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Beth has been desperate to get out into the snow and build a snowman. My artistic abilities are lacking, and we ended up with the sort of snowman that could haunt a frightened three year olds dreams. She seemed happy though. She would walk up to me quite innocently (with her hands full of snow), scream “SNOWBALL”, throw whatever she had at me, then run away giggling.

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Today we put up our tree. Beth insisted on putting every ornament we had on the tree. She even has her own tree for her room. Shes also written her letter to Santa, let’s see if she’s been a good girl !

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