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A long time ago, back when I was still using S9y as my blog engine, clare asked me to make a blog for her. It was called “It’s Ups and Downs”, the name taken from a quote in our favourite TV show spaced. This was online at www.itsupsanddowns.co.uk.

This eventually died when I cancelled my old hosting.

A while back Clare tried her hand at blogging again, choosing tumblr as her platform. Around the same time I made the leap to posterous. Arguments aside, they both had their own pros and cons and both seemed to suit us well.

Recently Clare’s moved beyond photo posts and is actively trying to write content to prompt discussions. The tumblr platform relies on Disqus for comments, again a system with its own pros and cons, but not the best for what we needed. On her behalf I made the move from tumblr to posterous.

Things ran pretty smoothly, except for a bunch of untitled posts (from photoblog entries) and losing all existing comments. You see, since disqus is a separate system, posterous couldn’t make the join between blog post and its comments. You can’t really blame posterous for this, but it would have been nice.

So visitors of worldofclare.tumblr.com, please update your bookmarks itsupsanddowns.posterous.com


The Dice Bag says:
its not just a tumblr thing. Self hosted WordPress blogs loose their comments when you import them to posterous as well. That’s why the rpg blog lost all of its comments.

Mark Baillie says:
Was that using Disqus too ? I came from a wordpress.com hosted blog and that brought comments in okay.Ideally there should be a standard for this kind of thing, like the XML file wordpress lets you export.

The Dice Bag says:
nope it was WordPress only but the export files from selfhosted and .com are slightly different or so I’m led to believe.