3D Printing - Art vs Science

As developers in an agency environment we're often playing with new technology: new languages, methodologies, systems, clouds, and computers. Our love of technology never stops just there, we get excited by any gadget or gizmo: electric cars, auto sailing boats, reusable rockets (pretty much everything Elon Musk does). So when I got my mitts on a 3D printer I was absolutely thrilled. This thing was like witchcraft.

So, in order to print something you need a model, a software representation of what the thing looks like. In actual fact it's more like a set of instructions on how the printer should build the thing. There's loads of sites out there than can provide these - check out Thingiverse for some (lots) of examples. Some are practical (Ethernet cable management), some are fun (Mini-SNES Raspberry Pi case), and some are just "meta" (Build a 3D printer with your 3D printer). I'll admit I spent far too much time that first month printing out whimsical rather than practical items (Pokemon anyone). Then the bug passes and you want to do something useful with it - but what and how ?

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