I’ve been looking at various IM clients today.

Myself and most of my friends use MSN Messenger (or Windows Live Messenger as it’s about to become). However for the good voice quality some of us are also using skype to get VoIP for games. Why can’t I just have one contact list which skype and msn can both use ? Why cant i use skype to chat with someone on msn.

The standard actually exists for IM software XMPP. So far only really Google Talk and Jabber have made any really effort to use it. The other biggies AOL MSN Y! ICQ are all happy to exclude rather than include members. Probably so that they can try and make cash on click-thru adverts or something.

Recently MSN and Yahoo seem to have reached an agreement, as have Google and AOL. If they can pair off together, what’s to stop them all from moving towards the one system ?

I know you can get programs like trillian or gaim which can plug you into all the networks, but wouldn’t it be much nicer if we still didn’t have to configure them individually. Some days I just long for a utopia

One word, digsby.