Developmental Progression

Following on from my previous programmers ramblings we’ve made leaps and bounds recently in a whole range of our toolsets.

We’ve been working hard and are about to roll out our first uCommerce integration. Unfortunately we didn’t try integrating this until we had built most of the accompanying site in Umbraco 5, which proved to be a problem. Five is looking great, and I love working on the templates with Razor, but there’s just not the same level of support there as Four. Never mind, a quick installation of four and some time spent attacking the XSLT templates with a crowbar, and we’re back up to speed.

The demo uCommerce shop does give a great starting point on how some of the systems and stages of the products and cart operate together, although the documentation (especially on the XLST side) is shockingly sparse. This isn’t helped by the fact that the support site links back to the main Umbraco support forum, where your searches get mixed with the other ecommerce products. There’s a forum that could use an advanced search option.

Despite much cursing along the way, it’s now been shaped to our requirements.

Version Control
I’ve tried many of the version control systems out there, looking for something that we could slot into place. Given that we now have a large library of Visual Studio .Net projects, alongside a vast library of still supported Classic ASP solutions, we needed something that could be used to fit both. After a stint with Team Foundation Server (great if all you use for development is Visual Studio) and a trial with the Team Foundation Service Beta (think GitHub for TFS) we’re having good results with Bitbucket and Git Extensions. It’ll require some more evaluation to be certain, but it looks like we might be onto a winner.

New Toys
Our new rackspace servers have been built and are on the rack, awaiting our frenzy of site migration. Yay, new servers. Boo, having to move everything!

A Plea for Help
So we’re looking to add another .Net developer to the team. For the back-end we need experience of .Net MVC, C# or VB (I’m sure you guys can switch between), Razor, and Umbraco. Front end we need HTML5, CSS3, lots of jQuery, and any UI and design skills you can bring. So far recruitment agencies are disappointing (more interesting in placing “A” candidate than “The Right” candidate), so if anyone knows someone that’s looking to make change…..