Out with the old

In the office we’re currently making strides towards moving our userbase from our bespoke CMS solution to the recently released Umbraco 5. Umbraco really is the sweetheart of CMS’s on Microsoft’s platform and it’s made some real headway in business.

We ran through several versions of our own 404 powered Classic ASP CMS, before making the push and finally migrating this to VB DotNet 2 with some improvements along the way. Since then we’ve increased our skills and now have several DotNet projects in the wild (in both VB and C#) that we’re very happy with.

But there’s no point in reinventing the wheel, especially when that wheel is as good as Umbraco.

Alongside this move we’re also looking to update all our web servers to the latest Microsoft platform. However, this itself has thrown up some headaches of a chicken/egg variety. We can’t commit to Umbraco without continued testing, but we can’t have continued testing till we get it running on our hardware. 

You see, we want to play with Umbraco (a lot), but have found that it won’t work on the older servers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for progress and can certainly understand the need to stop supporting outdated software (I’m looking at you IE6). We dont *need* the hardware updgrade (in a business sense) until we can prove we’ll be commiting to Umbraco.

The biggest headache for us are the servers still running SQL Server 2000. Whilst the servers have remained stable there’s certainly a fear up upsetting the apple cart by performing any large upgrades. This is what’s brought us to requesting a whole new set of servers to migrate to.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is “New versions are great, but it sucks to get left behind”.

Oh, and to solve our dilema we bought an shiny new dell quad core server.

“Umbraco 4.5” “Umbraco 4.6” “Umbraco 4.7” “Umbraco 5” “SQL 2000” Does Not Work.