Speaking in another voice

So, we finally launched the works new website, and it’s pretty lovely. I can say that almost without bias as I was very hand-off and it was our superstar Rhys that put the hard work in. Check it out.

As part of the new site we’ve made a commitment to keep the blog going. I back-filled and pre-loaded some entries prior to launch (as did Rhys) so the challenge now is to find the right topic, any suggestions ? I think i’ve shown with this blog it’s hard enough to keep the momentum going, hopefully with a team of great folk behind it we’ll be able to keep the ball rolling.

On another topic I’ve mostly been using VS Code lately (having replaced Sublime), I really like the no-frills way of dealing with things – taking away some of the tools and automation forces me to look at how things are done at a lower level and teaches me better. Visual Studio 2017 is out and I decided I’d clean my machine up and give it a try. My current VM went from Win 7 VS 2010, to Win 10 VS 2015 so there a lot of historically installed components. At this point I’d have been quicker reinstalling windows, visual studio could really use a “remove all” tool.