Twitter lockdown

The web has been talking this week about the upcoming changes to the twitter API (v1.1). One item in particular has caught my eye

[5a] Tweets that are grouped together into a timeline should not be rendered with non-Twitter content. e.g. comments, updates from other networks.

Not to be awkward, but doesn’t this retroactively break a lot of implementations? Most notably Windows 8 “metro” (or Modern UI as it’s now named) which shows tweets onscreen with other social media feeds. Hell, we had an android phone (sony xperia x10) that pulled all social media together into a single feed by contact (timescape, and it wasn’t great at it). I understand that the android HTC’s do something similar.

If you write software around the twitter API will you now have to scramble to put a fix in place ? If you’re a hardware vendor do you have any way to fix this ?

Poor show twitter, poor show.

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