Venturing on to the NET

I had forgotten how much I liked to learn.

A client asked us to look into server side image resizing for him. Since we primarily use ASP 3 theres no native way to do this. You can buy a couple of extra components to do it for you, but since we’ve got a brand spanking new windows IIS server why pay more.

I knew ASP Dot Net could do what I was looking for. Although I’ve spent more time than I really should have working it out, I managed to nail it. I’ve written some Dot Net code to allow the client to upload images to the server, which will then automatically resize and crop to centre. Now the client can throw any old photo at the site, and the site should be able to optimise it.

Since I didn’t know much dot net going into this (and what I did know was C#) I’m feeling quite chuffed at my little VB component. I’m a happy geek.