Windows Sticking Plasters

So i’ve had reason to fix a few windows machines of late and have come across a few tools to make the job easier

Fixing Windows Boot Speed

Soluto is a great little utility for analysing your windows boot time and killing off those processes that drag their feet. If there’s a process that you’re not sure about it can also tell how other users chose to deal with it.

Killing Antivirus Pro

One of the worst bits of malware i’ve seen recently is doing the rounds again. Antivirus Pro is actually malware, disguised to look like an antivrus package. It’ll tell you that you’re infected, then charge you to “clean” the infection. It’ll also block other antivirus from running, and block access to their websites making it very difficult to get rid off. is a great little app that finds and kills it in memory, allowing you to run some real cleanup packages and get rid of the bugger.

MalwareByte Anti-Malware

Complementing the program above I’ve recently used malwarebytes to kill off an infection. It worked perfectly, so a better recommendation I cant think of

Microsoft Security Essentials

MSE isn’t the “best” antivirus, but at free you cant complain about the price.